Sunday 21 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

Jacquelyn Jablonski after the Celine show with her brand new (giant) Celine handbag.

p.s. Brilliant marketing from designers who gift items to the models to wear after the show: they know the models are going to get photographed with their goodies.....and look good doing it!


  1. Beautiful smile and I love her eyes .
    Cute .

  2. Indeed, good tactic and I can tell you it works!!!

  3. It could be the different time zone but first again...;)
    But seriously your blog is like the first one I read every morning.
    I just adore it that much.

    Anyway - MAJOR fan of that giant Celine bag. The colours and the shape are just sublime. And the way she carries it off in that kind of 'school marm but cool' type way is ab-fab.


  4. @C- Jacqueline's eyes are inspiring me to line my entire eye with kohl: I was always told that it would "close-in" the eye (and God wasn't overly generous with size when he was designing my eyes ;) but maybe I will give it another whirl.

    @The Photodiarist- you could fit a Canon, a Nikon and probably even a reflector in it! Mmmm only problem is the colour- I could see myself getting it dirty in, oh um, about 10mins of using it.

    @dreamylacey- it does doesn't it! Everyone loves seeing what models are wearing after the shows (the popularity of my friend Craig's blog Altamira: models off-duty is testament to that) and the designers know that as soon as they walk out of the tent/building the models are going to be photographed by a zillion photographers and the images seen around the world. For a small investment, they are getting oodles of free publicity.

    KohCo- ooooo Bec, you are so sweet :)) Scooby snack for you! Mmmm you could fit all your law books in this one?! God, that brings back (bad) memories of having to buy hundreds of dollars worth of new books each year, lugging them around uni..... :(
    Do you have e-books nowdays or is it still hard copies that you use?

  5. beautiful photos.
    yes, it's really good marketing.
    and I can't decide what I like better - bag or those awesome booties?! Oh, and I love the coat, too. :)

  6. Ginta- You are the first person who has mentioned the booties! Love the booties! Want the booties! Need to know where the booties are from! Arghhh too much coffee this morning = too many exclamation marks!

  7. oh so beautiful.

    her eyes. the little pop of pink - the single tree in the back.
    amazing shot.

    and the bag - it's out of this world.
    Celine (Phoebe) is my hero : )

    Vanessa, you must must come to nyc ! we could grab a coffee at the cutest cafe and run around town ! would be amazing.

    i hope you have a beautiful week ahead

    heaps of love


  8. I hate when designers make giant bags like this. It's like they're urging me to use it all the time, but- you're right Vanessa- there's no way that could happen without me ruining the bad with dirt and what not.

    Lovely picture though. I like the pink animal print peeking out of the dark navy, grey and black.

  9. @leeselooks- hee hee! I would LOVE to come back to NYC!!! Just got to raid, oh, like about a thousand piggy banks that I don't have to fund it!

    @Dari- so glad I'm not the only person to get things dirty- even travelling on the Tube each day I'm sure would render this pretty bag pretty grotty after a couple of days. I did once see a very well dressed woman wearing white gloves on the Tube once. Odd. Think it was to protect her hands from getting dirty when on the tube....

  10. I'm rather late in finding this picture but I know now that I should get the Celine bag