Friday, 19 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

Yes, I do love a Chanel bag, especially in cobalt blue

Yes, I do love a buttery soft caramel leather jacket

Yes, I do love a pale Mongolian lambswool gilet

And yes, I do especially love a beautiful floral maxi dress (I have one beady eye firmly fixed on the sublime Stella McCartney Wysteria pleated maxi dress *which appeared to be completely sold out on Net-a-Porter within seconds of it appearing).

*And no, I will never be able to afford a dress this expensive! But one can dream :)

**I spied it in Liberty yesterday and spent a few seconds surreptitiously stroking it!


  1. This is a brilliant look. I just love the blue chanel bag! Well I love all of her look but that bag is stunning . . .

    So, I am now officially addicted to your blog. It's firmly in my blogroll have been scrolling through the archives. You will probably see comments all over the place! Just warning you.

  2. @The Photodiarist- isn't it divine! I love that she hasn't chosen a safe colour (ie black). I mean, I would love a Chanel flap in any colour (including black!) but this colour is something really special. I actually photographed her on another occasion and she looked fab then as well (I do not think the Chanel bag was present ;). I will probably put the pic up in the next couple of weeks- she had on a really pale lilac? jacket and cargos- and she said the cargos were cheap! We like that :)
    That is very lovely of you- thank you!

  3. i LOVE the style of all the people that you posted today. as i kept scrolling down i kept being so surprised by how gorgeous and wonderfully dressed everyone is. love this look... everything you mentioned is totally fab. also the guy in the post below is so amazing as well. seriously, your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourites! am adding you to my blog roll of faves now actually with that said.... xx

  4. I love the purse and she is just beautiful.

  5. The more I look at this one, the more I love it.