Friday, 2 April 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

Chanel ambassadors, the gorgeous British model Poppy Delevigne (above) and uber Austrian stylist Caroline Sieber outside the Chanel show.

Hmmmm how does one apply to be a Chanel ambassador because, Karl, I happen to be available!


  1. Oh my goodness. . . that first photo is blowing me away. LOVE the suit in the third.

  2. Drool. Chanel.
    I love Caroline Sieber (the fact that she used to be an accountant instils me with some fragile hope that it's not too late for me to turn cool)


  3. the colour of the suit in the 3rd photo is amazing! and those shoulders! it reminds me of mini mouse for some reason...? but clearly a very grown up and sophisticated mini. oh and the first photo is gorgeous too... love how her hair is sort of wispy and being caught by the wind. is she wearing culottes? beautiful photos vanessa. xx

  4. @The Photodiarist- Poppy is just gorgeous and such a lovely girl as well. So, PD, are you up for being a Chanel ambassador as well? I am sure we can get our names on the waiting list.....;)

    @KohCo- Ha ha! Luckily drool doesn't ruin keyboards or mine would have died ages ago :))) Caroline is amazing isn't she (I can only imagine what her wardrobe at home looks like- it must take up 3 rooms!) and I only found out she was an accountant when I googled her last night.

    @the style crusader: Hee hee- I think you and I have Minnie and Mickey on our brains this weekend! But yes, I think you are right: the sleeves have a definite Minnie Mouse puffiness about them- well spotted. Yep, Poppy was wearing really wide legged trousers but they were full length....

  5. Poppy is gorgeous and has a great laid-back style. And even though her pants were full length I think teaming up shorts with a little boxy jacket would also look cute. Great pics! But talking about an ambassador role for Chanel - get in line, Vanessa ;)