Friday, 2 April 2010

Running With The Fash Pack...Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

3 ways with grey outside the Louis Vuitton show (all shot within about a minute of each other!)

Ms Style Bubble, Susie (above), Giovanna Battaglia (below) and a model whose name I didn't catch from the Louis Vuitton show.
I am completely in love with Giovanna's skirt and shoes.....and pretty much everything else she wears!


  1. also, i neeed those shoes!

  2. oh my gosh! i would love to wear the exact same outfit as the model in the third photo today! seriously looks so lovely and wearable. giovanna's skirt is amazing! oh i love the combination of that soft grey with taupe-y colours... it somehow looks really fresh! love the combination of lilac in susie's futuristic jacket and lace skirt. oh my... what great inspiration for a saturday morning! xx

  3. @Brooke- divine is the only word for, except I suspect I would make it about 5 steps and topple over!

    @The Photodiarist- she is incredible (both beauty and style wise). Did you see the March issue of Vogue US with Giovanna in it?

    @The Style Crusader- Jen, I could see you in the 3rd outfit as well! Although it would be rather nice to try on Giovanna's skirt as well (I have always been attracted to feathery, fluffy, textural skirts although I have never worn one- I would probably look like a bird which has fallen out of the nest!). And Susie's little bra top and futuristic jacket looks so pretty on her!

  4. Oh I love the last image, what a pretty look and woman.

  5. @Meg- I have a See by Chloe cardi just like hers but evil little moths got to it last summer and now I need to get it invisably mended before I can wear it again. I HATE moths.

  6. The model is Caroline Brasch Nielsen and you captured her beautifully.