Monday, 17 May 2010

Running With the Fash Pack...Australian Fashion Week 2010

Current Vogue Australia cover girl, Aboriginal model Samantha Harris (who was with her mama when I took these photos). There is a fab little Q&A with Samantha on page 68).


  1. Oh wow, she is beautiful!!

  2. She really is beautiful.
    I actually bought that issue of Vogue Aus with her on the cover...
    And she seems like a really sweet girl as well...

    From what I read anyway...>< Model stalking by proxy. Woot.

  3. I love her!!! Omg, look at her hair, thick and full...I'm jealous. She's like a pure perfection.

  4. We think she is amazing! We just discovered your blog thanks to LoveMore's feature on you. You are so talented we love all of your photographs. We will definitely be following.

    Come check out our new fashion blog if you like =)

    xx .sabo skirt.

  5. she is gorgeous.
    love the shirt tucked in. shows of more curve.

  6. She is fab isn't she!
    @.sabo skirt- ooooo Bel is so, so lovely! And gorgeous! I will be posting her photos from fashion week next week.

  7. GORGEOUS!!!! Hope she encourages more mags/designers to work with the supposedly 'non-traditional' girls! I have to post this on Au Courant Daily!!!