Monday 17 May 2010

Sydney Street Style...A little bit Josh Goot

In Josh Goot.


  1. That blazer is fantastic, I love how it's faded and paneled.

  2. whoa, that jacket is proper psychedelic. it looks so fresh with the little polka dots underneath. does everyone have perfectly glossy lips in australia? do they touch up their lips before you take the photos or does it just look that perfect. random but would love to know what lip stick she's wearing.... xx

  3. That tuxedo jacket is beyond brilliant.
    Time to save up...
    Actually no I'm pretty much bankrupt now...
    Time to sigh and die...

  4. Oh I think I recognise this girl, she works at Josh Goot on Glenmore rd. It's right near my work :)

  5. Wow, the jacket's amazing. Love it!

  6. @Chloe- yep, she works at Josh Goot but she is also studying to be a pilates teacher!

    I spied an Acne summer tank (called shy dots) which kind of reminded me of this combination. I really like the mannish, relaxed feel of her look.
    @style crusader: ha ha! Yeah, I lick gloss off in about 2 seconds! Even the really sticky stuff that is suppose to stay on a long time.....actually, I can never wear my hair down with super glossy, gloss as my hair ends up adhered to my lips!

    @KohCo- you and me both!!!