Thursday 1 July 2010

Paris Men's Fashion Week SS 2011....Suzie Bird

The incredibly pretty and super nice model Suzie Bird outside the Paul Smith show.


  1. this gauzy overlay on her top looks very good!

  2. ahh ... the always-chic denim cut-offs ... i've been wearing the heck out of mine now that the sun is shining and they are proving to be the perfect summer staple.

  3. G O R G E O U S vanessa!

    i am seriously obsessed with your photos :)

    hope all is well beauty

  4. @BB- me too!!! Well, I haven't been wearing them- just photographing them. I would love to wear cut-offs but sadly my legs are waaay past wearing any that ride higher than mid calf ;)I would love to photograph someone wearing really, really tiny Daisy Dukes ones......hmmmm I shall make it my mission!

    @leeselooks- hey leeselooks, I am really well, thank you! So glad you like my photos- I mostly just find many, many faults in them. Very frustrating.

    @Carmen, @ agnes- me too! it is simple but kind of complex at the same time. And perfect for Sunday arvo when I took these pics!