Sunday, 26 February 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012...Aline

Always cheerful and nice, model Aline Weber, NYC, February 2012.

Anyone manage to get their hands on a pair of the Isabel Marant black Willow sneakers before they sold out in a nanosecond across the world???

Recreate the Look (kind of):
Isabel Marant Bobby suede sneakers (they aren't the Willow but they are still really cute and look comfy to wear) or ChloƩ's luxe patchwork canvas and suede high-tops


  1. brilliant layering!


  2. Love the outfit. And of course obsessed with the sneakers.


  3. Love all the NY photos Vanessa, I hope you had a great time!

    I bought the willow sneakers in Paris, have they really sold out already!?


  4. @Talisa!!! Omg, congratulations on your VERY wonderful news! So terribly exciting :))) So beautiful! And how did you manage to get your hands on a pair of those sneakers? They are sold out everywhere now - so many models and editors wearing them in NYC. what colour did you get?? Are they super comfortable?

    @Collections - me too!

  5. Thanks Vanessa, it was so exciting. Eiffel tower proposal!
    I bought the sneakers from the Marais store in the all black, they also had all beige and a very colourful pair too. They had them all sitting out along with the Bobby sneaks in various colours (those ones were all sold out in my size!) I thought maybe the Willows weren't so hard to find anymore but I guess I was wrong!


  6. lovely photos!!!! i just got the Isabel Marant sneakers as well!!! :)

  7. Ahhh Willows! They are flipping following me around everywhere! This girl's look is so fun, massively jealous xx

    South Molton St Style

  8. @Talisa- that sounds absolutely amazing!!!! And so romantic that it was at the Eiffel Tower (and on your first trip to Paris!). Every trip back again will be an incredible reminder of that happy moment :) So clearly you and @Bonni, Clyde and Marni have secret access to a stash of Isabel Marant sneakers ;)

    @Anna- it sure feels like it. It would be fun to do a shoot with a whole line-up of Willow owners :)

    @The Goorgeous- she wears it so well!