Sunday, 26 February 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012...Lauren

The exquisite Lauren Remington Platt after Jason Wu.

Seriously, she is just so poised and elegant (she literally glides when she walks) and (sigh) beautiful. And the best advertisement for her members only NYC-based hair and make-up booking company (they come to you), Vênsette.

I can't think of anything better than having hair and make-up done by a professional before a special night out.....especially if, like me, you aren't so great at wielding the eyeliner and curling iron (I am still in awe that Kate Middleton did her own make-up for her wedding!). I spent many an hour (and $) in the beauty hall at David Jones (a department store in Australia) having my make-up done for university ball's/weddings/parties. I love the idea that with Vênsette, the artist comes to your home (or office) and will even use your own products.....much less embarrassing than sitting in a chair in the middle of a department store with the general public wandering by and passing judgement on your choice of lip gloss :)


  1. beautiful refreshing look!


  2. She looks amaaaazing! Love how she's wearing her coat. Great second shot!


  3. Oh yes, this was a much photographed outfit NYFW and deservedly so. It is so classy and elegant. Your beautiful shots make it look even more chic. Love it!!

  4. i truly love this look!

    kisses from Barcelona!

  5. @everyone - she is gorgeous isn't she...sigh.

    @Javier Cropp- ha! In a good way I presume!

    @Lauren- I think this was the only shot I took of Lauren...I saw her coming across the street to the Lincoln centre another time but failed (miserably) to get a photograph. Weirdly I have never seen her at fashion week before....clearly I live under a rock!

    @Georgia- yes, I love the way girls pull off the "over the shoulder" coat look but sometimes it can look like they have no arms in photographs so it was fortunate that Lauren had her hands the way she did.

  6. love this look! its so effortless. It proves you dont have to dress crazy to get attention. LOVE

    love from San Francisco,