Wednesday 19 September 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013...Bette

I couldn't decide which of these photographs of Dutch model Bette Franke (DNA) after Jason Wu to post so you have both of them :)
I loved the hair and make-up at Jason Wu (unfortunately something happened to my camera and I lost a heap of photos of the models after the show) but more than anything I love that Bette was wearing those incredible heels on THAT bike after the show! So awesome (I doubt I would even be able to get on that bike without crashing spectacularly. I guess it helps to have super long legs like hers :)).

p.s. Note her skid-lid in the basket?! Love that she isn't too cool to wear one. My kind of gal :)

Recreate Bette's look (kind of):

Alexander Wang Inna sandals or the slightly higher Alexander Wang Amber sandals


  1. love these shots. i seriously cannot imagine biking in those (amazing) heels! i'm clumsy enough in flats!


  2. I love her style!

    -Victor xx

  3. @far and wild jewelry - me either! I sprained my ankle earlier this year wearing sneakers :)

    @Victor Stonem - I agree! She has great style.

  4. typically Dutch.. we always ride our bikes, no matter what we're wearing!

  5. Did she notice you taking photos of her? If so it's cool that she didn't care about it.

  6. Beautiful photos. Both you and Bette are now responsible for me finally buying a helmet! A Bern's in the same colour no less! I actually find cycling in heels easier than flats, love her style! x

  7. She looks amazing - strong and lithe.

  8. @Dorieneva - ahhh of course! You are so right - when I visited Amsterdam I saw girls wearing lots of heels while riding their bikes (fast!)

    @Sofia - As We Travel - yes, I am pretty sure she did know in this instance. I generally prefer not to take candid shots and I generally ask permission to take photographs (even if the shot looks candid), but I couldn't resist taking the photograph
    this time.

    @Antoinette - yay! SO happy you have purchased a helmet! I am a massive advocate of helmets (probably due to my former career!) and I shudder when I see people on bikes not wearing one (well, except on cycle paths or roads where this is no traffic at all). Well done Antoinette!

    @Alice Olive - hellloooo! I agree :)

  9. I think it's funny when people are amazed at riding a bike in heels... it's a lot easier than walking in them!