Wednesday 19 September 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012/13...Meric

Before Chanel, Paris, March 2012.

Inspiration for the rich, embellished, opulence of the season ahead. 

Echo her deeply romantic look with velvet-ey pieces:

 J Brand velvet skinny pants, Twelfth Cynthia Vincent Ombre velvet blazer, Carven structured velvet dress, McQ Alexander McQueen velvet tuxedo jacket, Anna Sui owl velvet varsity jacket, River Island studded velvet loafers, Glamorous velvet skater skirt or Isabel Marant Becky velvet skirt

Deepa Gurnani double crystal headband, Maison Michel Ilona floral chain headband, River Island Diamante dragonfly headband, or ASOS Diamante Tiara stretch headband (we might not be princesses in real life, but it is still fun to dress like one sometimes!)

Thank you @pinar for letting us know Meric's name!


  1. she is an absolute vision from head to toe. that headpiece is stunning!


  2. Please excuse me while I collapse on the floor in sight of such beauty.


    Okay, I'm alright now.
    Could you blame me for my reaction though?
    Seriously, this is probably one of the prettiest outfits I've ever seen on here Vanessa! (Oh dear, I probably shouldn't have shared that. The next thing I know, there'll be another set of magical pictures and I'll be forced to eat my words!)
    But honestly, this girl is absolutely stunning.

    I wish that she could be my friend!
    That velvet dress is so absolutely gorgeous. The robe-like cut and the ornate gold embellishment makes me think of the Elizabethan era, that time of those long ball gowns adorned with all sorts of beauty.
    The combination of the burgundy velvet and the gold is just too pretty. Add to that that princess headpiece and we've got ourselves a modern day princess!

    That fact that this girl is so lovely doesn't hurt either!
    Do you see that skin? Can you say porcelain complexion??
    I love the way her light skin contrasts with her lovely hair.
    She is a babe of epic proportions.
    Okay, I'll admit it. Major girl crush right now!!

    Time to go file this away into my ever growing stack of inspiration (much of which is actually under the title of "Vanessa Jackman Outfit Inspiration). I kid you not.

    You rock Vanessa.
    The pictures you take are too amazing. Some day, I shall meet you in person and I will gush all over you. Because you deserve it <3


    P.S. This girl looks like a combination of Liv Tyler and Arizona Muse! Does anyone else see it? Or is it just me....

  3. Hello All,

    this girl is a Turkish Blogger from Istanbul,her name is Meric :) she is really stylish and very beautiful. Here you may check her own fashion blog
    As far as I know, this kaftan is sewed by Maritsa's mother..

  4. Wow! Pretty insightful post.She is look like a Princess. Great outfit. i love her style and both all.Never thought that it was this simple after it.

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  5. Is it crazy to say that Parisians just look amazing all the time?

  6. beautiful!

    xx Amy.

  7. @Pinar - thanks so much for letting us know her name and blog, Pinar! That is fabulous! And I love that her mama also sewed her outfit - very inspirational.

    @Alice - I am sure she will be super happy with your very lovely comments, Alice! And both you and @anna Catherine are spot on - a modern day princess! The rich velvet, the gold embroidery plus her hair and hairpiece all combine so well together. Ha ha! Well, I am glad the girls I photograph provide inspiration, Alice! I am sure they would all be happy to hear that :)

    @barefoot duchess - and add original to that!

    @Domenic Bartlett-Roylance - I think she is Turkish! but I still agree with your comment

    AmyArisse - she is, isn't she.

  8. Wow. This is so beautiful and romantic.

  9. How gorgeous! That headpiece is amazing

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