Saturday 29 December 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013....Geneva

D.I.Y. superstar Geneva Vanderzeil from A Pair and a Spare blog, Lincoln Centre, NYC, September 2012.

I thought I would post this photograph of Geneva as inspiration for those who are still trying to decide on something to wear on NYE. Such a pretty, fun party look (with pieces that are probably already in your wardrobe) topped off with the sweetest bow. NYE is the perfect excuse to wear something fabulous on your head!

Recreate Geneva's look (kind of):

p.s. Most of you will already know this but Geneva's book "DIY Fashionista: 40 stylish projects to re-invent and update your wardrobe" came out in October. Congratulations Geneva!


  1. Geneva!
    Yet again, Geneva looks just as adorable as can be.
    Thanks for this simple NYE inspiration Vanessa!
    Even though I'm not planning on doing much for the much anticipated beginning of a new year, I'll definitely have to file away this photo for future reference. The 3 colors, the simplicity of the shirt+skirt combo, the hint of Asian influence, and the cute little bow all make for an outfit that is fantastic to say the least!

    Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your New Year! <3


  2. Love how cute this look is with the bow and pink skirt!

    The sequin jacket is really nice too :)

  3. @Alice - exactly! Adorable as can be! When I was photographing Geneva, we both realised that she was wearing the same sequinned jacket as the first time I photographed her in London a couple of years ago! This is not a girl who believes in throw-away fashion.....we love that!

    @Mica- I know right?! The bow just tops off her look!

    @erin - agreed :)