Saturday 29 December 2012

Paris Fashion Week SS 2013....Anya

Stylist and Fashion Director Tatler Russia Anya Ziourova, after Valentino, Paris, October 2012.

Love Anya's leather overalls......don't love how I have managed to capture another person smack bang in the middle of the photograph!

Recreate Anya's look (kind of):

3.1 Phillip Lim leather overalls

I am positive I saw a pair of leather-look overalls at ASOS but I think they may now be sold here are a few different overall/dungaree/jumpsuit options: Topshop By Boutique tailored dungaree, Topshop Premium pini tweed jumpsuit, ASOS boilersuit in leather look, or Hakaan Nury leather jumpsuit


  1. Unfortunately they did sell out :( love this look I remember seeing leather overalls earlier on in the year and thinking I'd never know how to pull it off and now they keep popping up, cementing the idea that they could be in fashion while giving tips on how to wear them!
    Again, another great captured moment!

  2. Anya, Anya, Anya.
    It's amazing how much fabulous Anya can cram into her outfits. Every time I see her wearing something, I want to go out and buy the exact same things so I can try to be even an itsy bit as cool as she is.
    Take these leather overalls for instance. While overalls seem to be reserved only for children and farmers and train conductors, Anya really works her pair. The shiny leather, the sleek details, and the tapered fit all make these overalls seem oh so fashion and almost as if they were created just for her.
    Simple black strappy heels and that very Kate Spade clutch add for nice details that just cement the cool status of this look. Then of course, there's those perfectly unperfect windblown bangs. Seeing such hair makes me almost want to start reaching for the scissors...

    Seeing that other girl in the background make me giggle a little bit. This picture seems to capture the online fashion industry so well. It seems like everyone is just scrambling to take images of the same fabulously dressed people all the time. Event though Miss Yellow Tights in the background may have spoiled a perfect shot of Anya, I think the unperfection somehow makes the image all the more endearing! How can you be upset with such a fabulously bright pair of tights? :)


  3. wonderful one-piece!


  4. @Kate - weirdly, yesterday they were back in stock... But only one pair of size 12 (so presumably a return!). I think they are the kind of piece where you have to feel confident wearing them - no slouching, hiding, trying to blend into the background. An "own it or go home" look!

    @Alice - ha ha! Yeah, I don't object normally to having a few people in the background, but just having one person smack bang in the middle makes it a bit funny and odd!! And I agree, Anya has such great style, she looks great no matter what she wears. Never OTT and always beautifully composed.

    @monkeyshines - I just realised that she is wearing all black and white! Right down to the Kate Spade? (thanks for that Alice clutch!)