Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Paris Street Style....Anna

It was a BAKING hot day in Paris and I was "between shows" (READ: The Fashion Show Schedule said "see invitation" and I was, sadly, lacking said invitation ;-). I was wandering around the Marais aimlessly, contemplating a walk back to our apartment on the Île Saint-Louis for a quick toilette and a cheeky Berthillon rhubarb ice-cream. And then I happened upon Anna and her friend. Anna is an actor and, quite simply, one of the loveliest, most vivacious girls I have ever photographed (maybe you can see this from the photographs?). There are a million people around, Anna is dying for an afternoon café au lait with her friend and it's freaking hot but Anna is a trooper and starts cutting shapes for me and the Nikon in the middle of the Marais! (The Eiffel Tower move was particularly entertaining but shall remain safely tucked away in my archives :) ). She also gave me some tips on cool places to go in Paris and encouraged my attempts at extremely bad French!

Merci Beaucoup Anna!


  1. just came across your blog. absolutely adore your photography. capture the essence of character


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